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Acme Bar & Coffee

Acme has the most fabulous vibes ever; the lighting was magical and the decoration is just perfect. I fell in love with the place before our food even arrived! There was a second storey which was not used in the morning but I spent a couple of minutes taking photos and appreciating the space. We ordered a banana caramel cake, which was awesome even though I'm not  a fan of cakes, but the coffee wasn't that amazing. Which was why I had another fix at Artisan Roast later in the afternoon.

Also, I had the most precious latte art -- a girl!
The latte art was so subtle that at first we thought it was because the barista made an error but after a closer look, we saw the girl. I sipped at my coffee so I could keep the latte art for another ten minutes.

I ate so much on the second day of my KL trip.
Trisha made me breakfast in bed, then we went to Acme, and dinner was burger, nasi lemak, indo mee and tong sui (obviously shared among the three of us, I didn't eat all that myself). I throughly fulfilled Trisha's "I eat and repeat".


  1. OH my, what a wonderful space. Definitely putting this on my list for future places to visit...

    1. You really should! Except you shouldn't drink their coffee because it isn't that great.

  2. Hi there!

    Could you share some tips on how you edit your photos??? They're all so beautiful! (:

    1. It's mostly the work of the lighting in that place but I just contrasted and brightened the photos accordingly. It's most important to not tweak the photos too much! Anyway, thanks so much(: